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In a recent newspaper article Adele Horin stated ‘ If the planet is to be saved it will have to start at the bottom, with people deciding to change the way we live”.

Some years ago Bebrite decided to change the way in which our cleaning products could be made safe for all users and the environment. Over the past four years Bebrite has developed a large range of specific to use specialty-cleaning products, which are environmentally safe and suitable for use in homes and offices. Bebrite has continued to strive to improve the market range and the environmental standards, which are so important to us. Bebrite specialty cleaning products are produced so that they do not harm the environment, do not harm our customers and do not harm our cleaning teams.

Bebrite's big step towards environmental excellence in professional, specialty cleaning products also means that harsh and damaging chemicals are not used in their manufacture. ‘Dwell time' is the operative word in Bebrite's environmentally safe products. This means letting the product do the work. Major supermarket shelves are stacked with cleaning products, which in many cases are harmful, that is why Bebrite customers are delighted that they can now purchase such a wide range of specialty purpose manufactured cleaning products on line from Bebrite.

The purchase of all household-cleaning aids can be satisfied through Bebrite's simple to use, shopping cart. Every single household-cleaning product is available from laundry powders, laundry liquids and fabric softeners to kitchen cleaning products, bathroom-cleaning products, fabric cleaners, leather cleaners, carpet and window cleaning products, and disinfectants. It doesn't stop there, with a wide range of additional products also available on line, such as, pet shampoos, kennel cleaners and even car and boat cleaning kits. It is a one-stop shop for Bebrite customers. No longer do you have to stand in queues and carry these heavy products home. They are all delivered to your door. Bebrite stands by our high standard, our commitment in providing a great service to our customers and our obligation to provide environmentally safe specialty cleaning products.

Bebrite stands alone and is proud of its achievements in the cleaning industry. Bebrite is one of the few cleaning product manufacturers who offer full disclosure on all their cleaning products. The entire range of products exhibited on line, have PDS, disclosure statements, and MSDS, material safety disclosure statements, available for customers to view. Every cleaning product has it biodegradability % statement alongside the product use description.

As an industry leader in cleaning, Bebrite has also developed an extensive and exclusive range of professional specialty cleaning products including antimicrobial treatments, which destroy contaminants and yet are safe to use around food preparation areas. Also a cosmetic based hand wash containing antimicrobial and Aloe Vera has also been developed which is gentle on the hands, as it does not contain soap.

Striving for excellence in service and the production of an extensive and exclusive range of cleaning products is Bebrite's vision for the future. Bebrite's aim is to minimise environmental damage by encouraging people to use cleaning products, which do not harm, debilitate or denigrate our fragile planet.

Join with us in a strong demonstration
that rejects the use of harmful chemicals in the pursuit of cleaning.

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